Taking a break~

This may seem weird, but I’m taking a break from Seasons of Love right now. :3

I’m done with Day 5 & I’m also almost done with Day 6. I’m kinda stuck on one part though, and while waiting for inspiration to strike, well… it did, but unfortunately, it’s for another project. 😀

Plus, in order to familiarize myself with Ren’Py more, I decided to first make a much shorter visual novel made completely from free resources.

It’s entitled Summer Paradise.  (From the Simple Plan song~ Obviously, I get my titles from songs.  Hahaha.  And coincidentally, they both have seasons in them.)

It’s going to be short… maybe around 30 minutes of gameplay. And the plot is going to be pretty simple as well.

You’ll be playing a teenage girl whose default name is Casey. She used to live in Tarlac, Philippines, but had to move in the country’s Capital, Manila, when she was seven years old. Now, nine years later, her family decides to spend their vacation in Tarlac. Casey meets her old friends and rekindles friendships with them. One night, her mother tells her that the family will be attending some sort of a festival in a nearby town and that she has to find a partner for the dance. The problem is, in traditional Filipino culture, girls have to be asked out in the dance. Who will Casey “choose” to be her partner and how will she make him ask her out?

So, I was inspired by my own culture. :3 It’s going to feature some Filipino culture there. Also, like I said, the plot isn’t that serious or deep, it’s actually kind of light, with just a few minor problems here and there.

I’m hoping this visual novel will be finished by April 5, and by that time I’d continue writing the Spring script for Seasons of Love again. I already wrote the complete concept plot though, so things are going to be much easier with that.


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