SP: Main Path done!

–Day 3 of 5–

I’m finally done with the main path for Summer Paradise!


The game contains 1,639 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 12,410 words,
for an average of 7.6 words per screen.
The game contains 11 menus.

Whew. This is turning out pretty nicely. The complicated paths kinda make my head spin sometimes, and I have to play the visual novel over and over again just to check if there are any errors or weird event placing. I actually have a lot of flags because I want the player’s statement to match the event that was witnessed. And since this is my first time to try this kind of routing, I am still a bit confused as to which goes where. But at least I am fulfilling one of my goals; To familiarize myself more with Ren’Py.

The only things that need to be finished are the individual paths and the music. I still haven’t included any sounds. Bummer. Placing them in the script is surely gonna make my head spin again.

Still, I think I’m gonna finish this in time. :3

Hopefully I will.

Even though, truthfully, I still have no idea how to end the separate paths. Based from what I have now, I think there are going to be around 12 endings.

Please check for more updates!

And thank you very much for reading!


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