Extending the deadline!

–Day 5 of 5–

Oh my gosh. It’s supposedly the last day for this. 😦

I’m still not yet done!

Here is the current statistics:

The game contains 2,289 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 16,861 words,
for an average of 7.4 words per screen.
The game contains 18 menus.

I’m done with the main path and also Mark’s path will all three endings. I am currently writing James’ path. :/ I think if I work hard enough for this… I’m going to finish James’ path by tonight. But the other 2 paths? Oh no… I don’t think I can finish them all. 😦 I just realized that one path is around 4000 words. Oh man.

Still… I’m doing my best! ❤ Wish me luck! :”)

P.S. I am extending the deadline. *sigh* I’m gonna make this a week-long project. 😀 Still, I’m gonna do my best and try to beat all odds! Gonna try finishing this tonight~


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