Summer Paradise: Finished!

Summer Paradise is now done! Yaaaaay! :”)


The game contains 3,985 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 30,100 words,
for an average of 7.6 words per screen.
The game contains 24 menus.

Whew. What started with a supposedly 5k+ words, week-long project turned into a 30k+ words, 8-day-long project. Hahaha. =) It was a bit tiring, and admittedly, programming was a bit hard, but I totally enjoyed writing this. Hahaha. I just super duper love it! And now I’m totally psyched to continue writing Seasons Of Love! ā¤ I got a few more new ideas as well.

I’m currently updating my Ren’Py, and then I’m gonna upload this file to MF to find some people who’d be willing to try this little game of mine. :3 Bwahahaha. I’d love to get feedback of course. I know there are so many things for me to improve on, and I would need help in knowing what those are. ^_^

And I seriously think I need the most help with the paths! Hahaha, I totally need to learn how to create more interesting (and not boring) routes. I think the main flaw in this VN is that the story was so… un-connected to the scenes? I don’t know, I guess it was something like that. Or maybe it was too boring, I’m just not sure.

I promise though, I’m gonna do my best again in Seasons Of Love! My best may not have been good enough in Summer Paradise, but I’m happy knowing that I finished it. Yippie. :”>

And I sure do hope some people will try it and give me some feedback. That would be so much help. :”) I’m gonna post this on my blog as well. Wahaha. I’m still thinking if I’m gonna post it on LemmaSoft though. I mean… I’m really nervous and shy. Haha.

Woohoo! Still so happy I finally finished this!


Edit: Finally updated Ren’Py. šŸ™‚


The game contains 4,000 dialogue blocks, containing 30,360 words and 163,762
characters, for an average of 7.6 words and 41 characters per block.

The game contains 24 menus, 80 images, and 12 screens.


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