Summer Paradise popularity poll!

For those who played Summer Paradise…

I’d just like to know who you liked best and why you liked them. ^^ It would really help me with the characters in Seasons of Love. :”)

Thank you very much!

2 thoughts on “Summer Paradise popularity poll!

  1. Cady says:

    This is good! I like Mark best because he’s so level-headed and calm in situations and he’s very sweet in a subtle way.

    • Ran S. says:

      Thank you Cady!
      Well, I’m glad. That’s the kind of personality I did want Mark to show to the world. Hahaha. However, as you probably saw from the game, there is a different side to him too. 🙂 One that’s admittedly a bit too cliche, but something that I think suits his character well. ^^

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