Logos are important, aren’t they?

Oh my goodness, I’m starting to realize this more and more every day. Haha. ^^

Seasons of Love still doesn’t have a logo! Haha, I wonder if I should start learning how to make logos. Lol. :))

Well, Maria (DiamondRoseTears) and I are currently chatting about the script right now, and we just totally realized that we both sucked at logos. Wahaha. ^^ 

Hmm, I guess we’ll just have to think of something then. Or, hopefully find someone who do logos for free. 😦 Awwww, man, if only I had some money for payments. Ugh.

Okay, so new problem-o! Logos. -______-

I’ll do my best to… er… think of… something. Anything. Haha!

Wish me luck!


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