New helper!

We have a new helper! 🙂

I am just so amazed by the people who offer their help for this project. It’s just so awesome, and I appreciate everyone so much. ❤

Well, D’Angel18 of LSF is now the main proofreader for the script, and I’m glad that she likes it. *smiles sheepishly*

I’m really glad with the current progress as well. 🙂 Sure, things are pretty slow I guess… but we are doing our best, promise! ^^

Anyway, I think I’m gonna extend the number of supposed days per season. 😮 I completely forgot about the Hanami festival! ::o 😦 Unforgivable, I know. But I thought I could merge it with Spring Thanksgiving… 😦

However, I thought that the Hanami scenes would be good for CG. Mehehe. *evil grin* (Sorry Malta~) Besides, it’s an important festival! ^^ (And I could make use of the falling sakura petals available on Ren’Py too.)

Well, that’s that. ^^ More updates to come~

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