Major progress in the art department!

Look at these super awesome hotties!Image

This is a major progress you guys! Hahaha. After so many months, finally there’s a sketch for these boys. Yihieee. ❤ They’re Malta’s work. Aren’t they lovely? 🙂

I am so totally excited for this project. Hihihi. Malta works really fast too. She’s supposed to be just for the CGs, but she was nice enough to make a sketch for the obtainables. Thank you so much Malta! These aren’t really for the sprites I think, but then again… I’m not so sure.

Who knows. Either way, this is the first major progress when it comes to the art department, so hooray for that! Thank you so much team! They’re all so awesome. ❤

@Malta @DRT @D’Angel18 @enta

^^ So lucky to have all these people. :)) Hihi. Stay tuned for more updates!

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