Seasons of Love quote~

I love quotes. I really, truly do. And I love creating “quotes”. :))

You know, one of my favorite movies ever is “A Walk To Remember” and it has loads of quotable quotes. Hahaha.

These ones are my personal favorites:

“She makes me wanna be… different. Better.”

“Maybe you’re just too scared that someone might wanna be with you.”
“And why would that scare me?”
“Because you wanna be with me too.”

“You know, I was getting along with everything fine, and then YOU happen.”

I just watched it and I am totally inspired. Lol. I love that movie. Even if I watch it over and over again it’s still oh-so-romantic.


Speaking of love, I really love these placeholder art. Haha. These are from guys, okay. 🙂


Awwww, is it bad to love your own characters? :”) Because I totally love this couple. Haha. And all the others. Lol.


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