Long time no post!

Hi guys!

I’m terribly sorry for the lack of updates! 😦 You see, the last storm in the Philippines (Storm Santi) totally wrecked so many places, and that included my province. Luckily our house wasn’t damaged at all, but I couldn’t say the same for the power lines. We had no power for almost 3 weeks! That’s the longest time I had to go without electricity, and boy, was it hard. We had to rely on generators to keep things running, especially at night. I sure do pray that nothing like that would ever happen again.

Still, if there’s anything that I got out of that… experience, it’s that I realized just how pretty the night sky looks without all the lights and stuff, You could clearly see all the stars! Usually they wouldn’t be visible, since the light from all the houses and structures would take your sight off from the sky, but in the 3-weeks-time with no power, I got to observe the starry skies every night.

Appreciation of nature is one good thing that came out of it I suppose.

But anyway, now that the power’s back, I could finally start working on this! Well, slowly, at least, since there are so many things to do for school. *sigh*

Fear not though guys, this project is not yet dead! Bwahahaha. :”)

See you again in another time! Haha. Ciao!


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