Seasons of Love Backgrounds~

Hey guys!

Christmas is coming so soon and I’m actually pretty excited, even though I don’t know why. Haha. This time of the year simply makes me all giddy I suppose. I mean, hey, don’t we all love a little Christmas cheer? 🙂

And besides, with Christmas break soon coming up, I’ll have plenty more free time on my hands. That means I’ll have more time to procrastinate do stuff I couldn’t do when there are classes, such as blog more and write more. By the way, speaking of blog, I put up a new blog! Weeee. Haha. I couldn’t help it. Lol. 🙂 It’s actually a lot of fun guys.

Anyway, look what I’ve got: Some backgrounds from Uncle Mugen’s Free Resources! They look pretty awesome, don’t you think? And Uncle Mugen’s nice enough to let other makers to use it for their own projects. I’m not yet sure if I’m gonna use it in the end game, but for now, they make great placeholders. They’re really pretty. 🙂 Right?

Umm, that’s it for updates I guess. Ahaaa! I also added an event in Shino’s path. :3 It’s kinda corny right now though, but… I’m gonna make a few tweaks to make it better. 🙂 Honestly, with everything going on right now, I haven’t had much time to code, but story-wise, I’m still at it!

See you later guys. Thanks for dropping by!

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