First day of Christmas break!

I’ve done a little bit of writing today, and I’m quite glad, because I’m always done with a secret someone’s path. Hahaha. It wasn’t meant to be a “real” lovey-dovey kind of route though, so it’s pretty short. Nevertheless… here are the stats.

The game contains 3,838 dialogue blocks, containing 24,828 words and 136,925
characters, for an average of 6.5 words and 36 characters per block.
The game contains 24 menus, 155 images, and 12 screens.

See, it’s just a little bit over a thousand words. Hahaha. =) I write the story as I code though, so, that’s two jobs done in one shot. =)

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect! It’s the first day of our 15-day break for Christmas. Woooooooo. My goal for my two vacation is to write at least a few hundred or a thousand words a day. I can always write during my free time anyway, now that I have lots. And yep, that’s cool.

I’m still thinking whether or not I’ll make a “Christmas special” VN or something. Hahaha! Maaaaybe. Summer Paradise was done on a whim, so who knows. I sure would love to though, however, I can’t think of a good storyline perfect for Christmas as of now. Plus, I’d still need to find new art and stuff so… *sigh*

But of course, nothing’s impossible! Hahaha. I’m still hoping. Looool. šŸ™‚

Advance merry Christmas guys! šŸ™‚

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