The power of words

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

This is a saying that I first heard when I was a little girl. But for me, this goes the other way around.

Words are powerful, and they can alter one’s thoughts and emotions. One’s entire being, even. Words can shape who we are. Words can make or break a person. Then can hurt, they can shatter, they can burn. But they too, can heal.

Words can motivate us and inspire us. They can change us for the better.

People always say that actions speak louder than words, but something sincere will shine through no matter what medium it may come in. Words are important, they build a person to be who he’s meant to be.

You may ask, what is a post about words doing in a visual novel development blog?

Well, yesterday, I received this super sweet comment in my blog, a twist in time.


It may not mean much to others, but it means a lot to me. Knowing that somebody supports my project is extremely motivating. Hahaha. ❤ I love hearing comments, feedback, and just plain ol’ words of support; they make my heart swell and they inspire me to push through my goals.

Words are powerful. Words can help us when we most need it.

I know words can be destructive, and even painful, but when put to good use, words can make one’s day. ❤ I should know. Yesterday, a commenter made my day with her words alone. 🙂

Ahem. Speaking of words… I wrote a bit of the script today.

The game contains 3,570 dialogue blocks, containing 23,793 words and 125,095
characters, for an average of 6.7 words and 35 characters per block.
The game contains 11 menus, 0 images, and 12 screens.

Still on Dan’s and Gab’s paths, but… I’m loving this work so far. Hahaha. Sorry for the super slow progress. Life just gets in the way sometimes, huh? 🙂 Currently we’re looking for a new house since I’m going away to college later this year. Haha. Didn’t know “grown-up” life could be so stressful. Hahaha. I can’t bear to leave my childhood home, but at least… I know that when i grow up, I’ll always return to this place. I just know. Haha.

As for Hapuki, life also gets in the way of her art, so, yep, art is also delayed. I understand, since she has lots of school projects going on right now.Tsk tsk, school. Hahaha. Same as my reasons. Sorry guys. Haha.

I hope you guys don’t give up on us now. Hahaha. Promise, we’ll make it through somehow~!

Love lots,

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