For the first time in forever~

Finally! A post!

I really apologize for all the delays lately. Writer’s block with TTWM has hit me HARD and I’m having trouble with TTWM’s script for Landice’s route. 😥

I actually posted a recruitment thread in LSF already! Haha. I absolutely love this visual novel, and of course, I want to see it released. It’s my first VN with original sprites, you see. 🙂

Ahh, I hope I find someone willing to help. =)

Anyway, ahem. This update is actually more for Seasons of Love. Remember Malta? The CG artist for SOL who also made a sketch of the characters?

Well, she messaged me and let me know that she’s gonna be available soon, and she’s even willing to do the sprites! ^^ Awww, she’s awesome. I’d love that of course, only, I really don’t know if that’s alright since enta is supposed to be the sprite artist. 🙂 I haven’t heard from her in so long though…

Oh well, I’m glad Malta reached out! How about Maria, you remember her? She goes by DiamondRoseTears and she’s my co-writer for SOL. She also recently told me that she’ll be available in around a month a two, after she graduates. Well, I still have two months and a half to go before college starts too, so, I guess things are working out so well right now. 🙂

My plan is this:

  • Finish and release The Thing With Mistletoes before May ends. Well, hopefully.
  • Work on Seasons of Love for the next two months, June and July, before college starts in August.
  • And then, well, hopefully we can release the First Chapter (Spring) of SOL before life gets in the way again. ^^

Anyway, whatever happens, I’m not giving up! Hahaha.


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