A minor distraction and a minor progress~

Hey awesome people~

Like the title says, well, there was a minor distraction earlier… in the form of a younger cousin who came for an unexpected visit. Hahaha.

That kid is so adorable, I swear. Haha! He’s already 13 years old, and in 7th grade, but I still see him as a baby sometimes. 🙂 He just dropped by to hang out, and since we hardly see each other nowadays and also, since I’ll be moving away to college a week or two from now… let’s just say that his visit was a really welcome distraction. I’ll miss that boy so much.

And hey, at least I got to finish one of Bryce’s endings. 🙂 That’s the minor progress I was talking about. Here’s the stats I got after I finished it earlier:

The game contains 2,140 dialogue blocks, containing 17,327 words and 91,914
characters, for an average of 8.1 words and 43 characters per block.
The game contains 8 menus, 94 images, and 12 screens.

Not much progress if you think of the word count, huh?

But I was actually surprised to have finished that ending with such a small amount of words. :3 I’m pretty glad, actually. Haha. I get kinda wordy sometimes… okay, maybe most of the time, hahaha, which is why it’s so easy for me to write so many words in such a short span of days. 😀 Until I burn out and get writer’s block. Ugh. Hahaha.

Anyway, I’m gonna get back to writing now. :3 Only one ending left, and I’m already halfway~

So excited. Hahaha. 🙂 Stay tuned!

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