A quick update!

Hey guys!

I’m so sorry for not posting for so long. Hahaha. We went to Manila last Monday to check out the new house, and we just got back. Lol. There’s no internet there yet, so I could only use the mobile data on my phone to connect. *sigh*

Buuut, anyway, have you heard about the typhoon Rammasun on the news?! Because of that storm, we keep getting blackouts in our area. -____- I swear, the power is always out. I hope it doesn’t stay out for too long though! I’m never good without electricity. At least my Lenovo could stay alive for around 6-7 hours before dying. Hahaha. Still… I hope we won’t have another blackout tonight!

Anyway, as for The Thing With Mistletoes… it’s doing fine! Haha. I’m down to just Landice’s endings. 🙂 Art-wise, once Hapuki finishes the CGs, we’ll be ready to release this VN. 😀 Hahaha. The earliest date is around the 2nd week of August though. We’ll be moving to the new house next week and according to my dad, the installation of the internet connection takes around 7 working days… or longer. -___- *sigh* I wish it’ll be ready by August 8.

The game contains 7,464 dialogue blocks, containing 51,056 words and 271,100
characters, for an average of 6.8 words and 36 characters per block.
The game contains 17 menus, 106 images, and 13 screens.

If my prediction is correct, haha, I’ll probably end this VN at around 55k words. 🙂

Anyway, that’s it for now. Stay tuned!

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