Only one best ending left!

Oh my gosh! Check out the latest stats for this game~

The game contains 7,898 dialogue blocks, containing 54,282 words and 288,431

characters, for an average of 6.9 words and 37 characters per block.
The game contains 17 menus, 106 images, and 13 screens.

Oh my goodness. Hahahaha. Sorry for my enthusiasm, I am just SO excited to release this visual novel. Haha. I mean, we’ve all worked so hard on this and… it’s just so awesome to finally see the result of your hard work, you know?

Of course, it’s still far from done. Hahaha, after all, Hapuki’s still not yet done with the CGs, Dsiciple’s not yet done with some backgrounds, and I’m not yet done with the writing! Plus, even after those things are done, we still need to test this and as for me, I still have to polish and edit my sloppily written drafts. Hahaha. But it’s been an awesome time, making this VN. Hahaha. I really truly had fun, even though there were so many stressful and problematic moments!

Anyway, like I said, I’m just… so excited! Hopefully we release this before July ends, since… we’re moving soon and we won’t have internet there for a while. 🙂 So… yeah. Haha.

That’s it for updates. I just wanna share it with you guys, especially since you’ve been so patient and amazing through all this. Hahaha. Thanks a bunch for those who support us; it really means a lot. ❤

Stay tuned for more updates!

P.S. Speaking of written work, we now have an awesome proofreader, Clestae! 🙂 I always do my best when I edit my own work, however, there are always things that I overlook. Eeeek, blog posts are almost never proofread though, so… I’m sorry if I make mistakes in my posts! Hahaha. Anyway, it’s always helpful to have a proofreader, so I appreciate Clestae’s involvement in our team. :3

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