Added a short scene~

Like what the title says, I added a pretty short scene to the main script of TTWM. 🙂

Here’s the new lint check result:

The game contains 8,193 dialogue blocks, containing 56,796 words and 301,739
characters, for an average of 6.9 words and 37 characters per block.
The game contains 17 menus, 106 images, and 13 screens.

The scene is really short, but it sort of focuses on Lumi’s relationship with her parents. Well… sort of. Hahaha. I got the idea from my really awesome idea-bouncer, Ivy. 🙂

This script is not yet edited/proofread by the way. ^^ I’m still awaiting for Clestae’s edits. Maybe she’ll send it over tonight or tomorrow, haha, I’m not so sure. But I’ll try to wait for it so that I could get this done by tonight! It’s really late though, and I think I’m gonna fall asleep already… zzzZzzzzZzz…

My plan is actually to release this on the 28th, but we’re still missing some art. Oh well, haha. I’d rather miss deadlines than release a half-finished work that could certainly be better. Unless if the deadline is extremely important of course!

Anyway, we’re moving on or before July 30 and we won’t have internet in the new place yet for a while. That’s why I’m trying to get everything finished before that date, haha, because after that, I may not be able to upload this game until the second week of August. 😦

Wish us luck! Good night everyone~

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