The Thing With Mistletoes: Script at 100%

Yes. It’s a good– no, an awesome news.

TTWM script is now at 100%. All that’s left is the CG art, some BGs, and the GUI. And then, and then, and then… it’s finally ready for release! Whew.

I’m gonna start working on SoL again in my free time, haha. Oh, but of course, I’m thinking of releasing a Halloween special, remember? So, I might make October my personal NaNoRenO for that game, hahaha. Might. I’m not sure yet, exactly, since I’m supposed to be collaborating with an artist but she hasn’t updated me in, like, a few weeks now. 😮 I really don’t know if it’s time to find a new artist, or if I should just wait a bit more. Oh well. I can always use placeholders for the time being, right? 🙂

Oh, by the way, life at the university is just… so fun. I swear. Haha. I just love my college so much. I mean, okay, compared to the other colleges in my university, like those gigantic College of Science and College of Engineering, we’re not THAT big, but at least we’re like a little family already. Hahaha. Ah! And uni life is also one of the main reasons why I haven’t updated this blog since we got our internet connection last Sunday, August 17. Sorry for that!

Anyway… that’s it for today. I’ll post more when we get more progress in the art department. Stay tuned for more updates!

P.S. Happy 69th birthday to my maternal gramma! Love you forever~

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