Character profiles and plot outline

Hi guys!

Right now, I’m writing the plot outline for Falling Hearts. I’m already at 2988 words and it’s not even half of the game yet. And remember, this is just an outline. I’d estimate the game itself to be on the longer side of medium length, considering that there are a 9 obtainable guys and two extra endings to top it all off.

I’m actually pretty excited to write the script, but I wanted to do a plot outline first to help me get the bigger part of thinking out of the way. Hahaha. That’s actually one of the hardest parts for me when it comes to VN writing. I mean, I can just write, and write, and write, but when writer’s block hits me and no good idea can be processed by my mind… well, that’s a bit troublesome¬†and inconvenient for me. *sigh*

With a detailed plot outline, I can get that out of the way immediately, though, since I already have a goal in mind from the start which makes it harder for writer’s block to kick in. Of course, it can’t be avoided, but it can be lessened through this way, hahaha.

Anyway… I’ll post more updates in the future. Stay tuned, okay?

Enjoy gaming~

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