2nd highest word count of the day!

First of all, I wanna say that I am so psyched with all my writing duties this week. ❤

Second, Philosophy class gives out pretty boring readings and it’s sort of sleep-worthy to study the whole Asian map for History class. There. I said it. T____T

Third… I am really happy with how productive I was today~

The game contains 648 dialogue blocks, containing 5,536 words and 29,115
characters, for an average of 8.5 words and 45 characters per block.
The game contains 1 menus, 0 images, and 12 screens.

I think that’s the second highest word-count I’ve ever had for one game in one day. 😀 So amazing, haha. Of course, the first one belongs to Munster Academy, back when I wrote 6k words in the script (not incl. the programming) for the whole day. Whew. Like I said, my average is usually just 3000 words a day, but there are some times when I hit almost twice than that. And those times, like now, feels really nice. ❤

Ah! I wanna share a sneak-peek of the in-game profile too~

falling hearts kaien itou profile

I just love the cute GUI! I think it fits the romantic-comedy genre combo well. 😀

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates!

EDIT: I’ve also started working on my supposedly secret Halloween project entitled Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve.

The game contains 142 dialogue blocks, containing 1,248 words and 6,485
characters, for an average of 8.8 words and 46 characters per block.

The game contains 1 menus, 0 images, and 12 screens.

I have to apologize for the very little word count. See, I only had time to write for about 40 minutes, so… yeah. 🙂 I actually did a short game of sorts, to keep myself focused. I set a timer to 10 minutes, and I simply write in those 10 minutes, with very minimal editing and back-reading. It helps with the focus because you’ll be mostly focused on beating the time, and therefore, writing as much as you can. Afterwards, that’s when you can edit anything. This “game” just overcomes that little hurdle of not knowing when and how to start getting into the groove. ^^

And that’s when I found out that I can only write an average of 300-400 words in 10 minutes. *sigh* Hopefully those numbers go up one of these days. Haha. I’m still a “beginner” at this, after all! But, yeah. Learning how to write high-quality stuff fast is something that needs to be taught in school! Haha. =)


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