Long absence, some updates

Hey everyone!

Yes, I’m still alive! Haha. I’m sorry for not updating you for, um… 3 weeks? I really, really apologize for that. I had a really rough time these past three weeks and it really took a toll on my writing. I just didn’t think it would be fair to update you guys with my, um, personal affairs and not my projects, so, um, yeah. I’m really sorry for the long absence!

But, anyway, our exams are over, and I think I’m starting to finally get over him, (hahahaha, what?) so I’m starting to get back into my writing mood. I won’t update you yet as of the time being, since… I really don’t think there’s much to update you on, but I’m really glad that I’m getting back into the groove.

For legit updates, hm…

I think I added a little less than 7k to the script for FH these past 3 weeks (huhu, rough times) but, I’ve decided to make a full plot outline before going any further. I did receive basic outlines from the project leader, but I realized that there’s really not much to go with and I never really liked the idea of not knowing the whole story of my own story! It’s like… I want to be able to imagine the whole thing and not just bits and pieces of it, so… I think I’m gonna write a full outline first. Haha, FH is a really long game because there are about 9 obtainables, but I think an outline will help immensely. I might sneak in a preview here once I’m done. *wink*

As for OUHE, well, I wasn’t able to write much. As in. Really. Hahaha. I only have a few more scenes to write though, since it’s a pretty… short game, like I said before. So there’s no rush, haha, after all, my deadline for that is still before Halloween. But, in the art department, things have been, uhh, going pretty smoothly?

Ah! Also, I’ve got a sneak preview of the protagonist for OUHE…

once upon a hallows eve chun ri ang visual novelThe boys aren’t complete yet, unfortunately, haha, and the artist doesn’t want to show sketches to the public, so… let’s just say I’m really excited to get back to you on that!

Okay, so… that’s about it! It’s currently 7:40AM here and I have to be at school at 9AM, so… I gotta go. Haha. I’ll try to update you guys when I have more time on my hands.

Thanks for staying tuned!

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