Art updates for OUHE!

Hi everyone!

After one whole grueling, hard month of tears, heartbreaks, pain and suffer— wait, what am I saying, hahaha. Sorry, you guys don’t have to know about that. :)) Ahem.

Anyway, after a really… frustratingly… painful month, haha, let me give you some updates in the art department. Just to prove that my projects are still in progress.

I think I’ll focus on OUHE for this blog post, since it’s the one that’s set to be released on the end of October. No delays. Hahaha.

Here are some art updates!

oncec upon a hallow's eve vonn vernon ang

We actually already have the sprites ready for these two, but for this post, I’m just gonna give you a preview, hahaha.

Also, here’s a really cute chibi of Chun Li, our protagonist for this Halloween story.

once upon a hallow's eve chun ri ang chibiIsn’t she so adorable? What an absolute cutie! Erumin did a good job again, as always!

Haha, okay, that’s it for now. I’m really sorry for all the delays in the updates lately. Like I said, there’s been a lot of drama in my life lately and… oh well. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

And after my, uhh, “life-changing” ordeal, I just gotta share this awesome quote with you guys!

“Don’t cry for the past; it’s already gone. Don’t worry for the future; it hasn’t arrived yet. Just do your best to live now and make this moment worth living.”

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