Missed deadline!

Like the post title says…

I missed my deadline! I know. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!

My team and I are now aiming for the next possible date, which is November 8. I don’t know if anyone has noticed this (well, perhaps it’s only me, hahaha) but I actually released both Munster Academy and Summer Paradise on the 8th of the month, so… I think November 8 will be a nice release date for Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve as well.

But that’s just me making an excuse for my missed deadline. *sigh*

Ahh, I’m really sorry for letting you guys down! I guess I work better with weekly deadlines than monthly ones, huh? Hahaha. Sorry.

Anyway, the game is still under development, don’t worry. We’re just… late, yeah. But we have a CG done for the game now, and the GUI and logo is underway. As for the script, I am spiffing everything up, as I think some scenes are too bland or even absurd. Yeah. That came from me. Hahaha. I am having some insecurities about the scene ideas again. Buuuuut, I think this is really due to the fact that I just missed my deadline. Again. Writer’s block always hits me after a long time of not working on a project. That’s why I really think making your projects a regular habit will be a huge help.

I totally have to do that for my next project.

2 thoughts on “Missed deadline!

  1. Cait says:

    Aw, missing deadlines can be annoying, but at least it’s working out nicely for you with the dates matching up! 🙂 I’m awful at monthly deadlines…or yearly deadlines. Unless it’s writing a novel in a certain amount of days. THAT I can always remember and handle. Hehe.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

    • Ran S. says:

      Thank you, Cait!

      I know! It can be really frustrating, as well. *sigh* But, yeah, I guess the cool pattern in the release dates will make up for that. Hahaha. Kidding. And yes, I agree! It’s always easier to stick to shorter deadlines!

      Well, I am obviously quite down right now, haha, and I found your post really inspiring! It’s really motivating to see how other people with the same goals as you are doing. Keep inspiring people, okay? =)

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