once upon a hallow's eve

A Much Needed Update

Like the title says, this is a much needed update for this blog!

Hello everyone, I’m Ran, nice to meet you all. Hahaha. I haven’t updated this blog (and my other blogs, as well) in so long, and for that I greatly apologize.

Two things: One, my projects are still ongoing (yes, all of them), and two, school hasn’t let out yet so I’m still stuck in this second semester, huhu. Believe me, I totally underestimated college. I thought it would be like high school, only a little bit busier, but nooooo, it’s a lot busier than I could have ever imagined. Academic stuff, extra-curricular activities, and org responsibilities are taking up so much of my time nowadays.  Lately, things have been so hectic that I’ve been having bouts of depression here and there, but thankfully, my head is still happily bobbing up and down the water’s surface, for the most part. 😀

Anyway, since this is an update… I’m… er, here to update you about my projects!

Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve is still not yet completed, although things are coming along pretty well, I suppose. Well, aside from the fact that I haven’t had much time to focus on visual novels. *sigh* Frankly, I hadn’t written much of anything in about two months, so, yeah.

once upon a hallow's eve

But, we’ve got a new writer on board! Please welcome Natasha. 🙂 She’s the new teammate, and she’s here to spice up the story a little bit, haha.ouhe-CG-example-viktor

As for Falling Hearts, it’s doing well. The only progress these past two months is in the art department since I haven’t had much time to write, like I said, but at least it’s progressing. 😀

By the way, we have a Tumblr blog where the project head, IaMe, posts the updates. Please check it out for more information regarding that project!

Whew, so, that’s about it! As soon as I am free, I will resume writing (and reviewing VNs) again! Thank you guys for waiting patiently!

Really though, I have no excuse other than that I am just so busy these days with school and everything. I guess you can say that college life has finally taken a toll on me. For Filipinos out there (like me), are you in favor of the acad shift? Because I sure as heck am not. *sigh*


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