Once Upon a Hallow's Eve


(ひさしぶりですね?- “Hisashiburi desu ne?” a Japanese phrase you tell someone when you haven’t seen them in some time.)

Hi there guys!

Uhh… ひさしぶり I know, we haven’t (figuratively) seen each other in so long! So… how are you guys doing?

As for me, I’m doing fine! Just a little bit tired (actually, my academic schedule has been such a hassle these past few weeks), but I’m doing great. October is midterms month, but… as of… today, October 16, 2015, I’m already done with 5 exams! Just one more exam to go next next week, and I’m done, yay! (Finals are still in December, thank goodness.)

Anyway, enough about me! (Yeah, enough about you, Ran!) What about the games? What about Once Upon A Hallow’s Eve?!

The game contains 5,380 dialogue blocks, containing 44,489 words and 233,202
characters, for an average of 8.3 words and 43 characters per block.
The game contains 22 menus, 98 images, and 32 screens.

This may or may not be the final word count of OUHE, because… remember when I told you guys before that the rough script was already complete? It was already 39k words back then. But the script underwent major revisions again, and the wordcount upped to 44k words. I’m currently in the process of beta-testing and coding everything (done coding the main script), and hopefully I’ll be finished by next week. (I hope I can finish everything by next week, since the deadline is, once again, looming close, and I still have to study for my Macroeconomics exam on the 27th. Hahaha.)

So… yeah, that’s about it, for now. I’m hoping to make daily updates from now on, one, to keep a log on my progress, and two, to make sure I’m taking some accountability for this game. =) I tend to procrastinate a lot (I’m sure you guys know that already) and it’s a bad habit that I really, really have to quit. Better fix bad habits now than when I’ve already graduated, right?

Stay tuned for more updates, you guys! 🙂

Keep playing!


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