Coding Vern’s script!

Hi there, guys!

It’s already 11:56PM, and I almost forgot to make this post! Sorry about that!

Anyway… I didn’t make much progress today, but I’m already halfway done coding Vern’s script. The actual script is pretty much complete already, but since I was so focused on finishing the story, I didn’t do any coding at all. That’s why I’m doing the coding after the script, while beta-testing the game at the same time. At least I get to correct errors in the code immediately after I see them, right?

Oh, wait, it’s already 11:59PM! Wooooh. Okay, let me take a minute to greet one of my best buddies in the world, Mica, a happy happy 18th birthday! Yay! She’s the last one in our high school group to celebrate her birthday every year, so… hooray for all of us being 18! 🙂 Happy legality to you, Mics!

ANYWAY, haha, back to game updates… no, wait, actually, that’s about it. I’m just planning to code the rest of the script this whole week, and… yeah, that’s about it, I think? Hahaha. Stay tuned for more updates, though!

Keep playing! 🙂

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