Vern’s script: coding complete

Quick post: finally done coding Vern’s script! Still haven’t started on Vik’s and Vonn’s, though… haha.

I realize that one of the things that’s slowing me down is me wanting to edit the script as I coded, so… I decided to just focus on coding first and then do a separate run for the editing afterward. My meticulous side is starting to kick in again, I guess. 😀 (Wow, I didn’t know I had that side!)

Also, I updated a few backgrounds. Still looking for more, so that all the BGs for this game would be in… well, at least, a similar style. I currently have a lot of filtered photos in the game, and while I personally do not like them, I… sort of have no choice as of the moment. As you know, it can be hard to forage for freeware BGs… but such is the life of creating a freeware VN. Hahaha. 🙂

Here’s a lint check, though it’s not really needed anymore (since I’m here to update progress on the code and not on the script, after all.)

The game contains 5,487 dialogue blocks, containing 45,228 words and 237,337
characters, for an average of 8.2 words and 43 characters per block.
The game contains 22 menus, 108 images, and 32 screens.

As you guys can see, it’s still ever-changing, but that’s because I keep tweaking the script as I code, like I said. I don’t think it’ll have any major changes anymore, though. Hahaha. Just doing a lint check because I miss lint checks. 🙂

So, anyway, that’s my update for today! Stay tuned, and of course…

Keep playing!

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