Motivational Quote of the Day

“I can fix a bad page. But I can’t fix a blank page.” – Nora Roberts

I checked my email earlier (as I always do every day when I wake up), and saw that there’s a weekly update email from Grammarly, a spell-check + grammar app. I’ve been using it for… around two weeks now, I think? It’s super helpful, by the way, and they have a free version which you guys might want to try out here. It’s actually what I’m using. 😀

Anyway, Grammarly included a quote by Nora Roberts in the email, which I’ve written at the start of this post.

I think it’s a super motivational quote, because it makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Most of the time, it’s not the idea of writing that scares writers, that makes them procrastinate. If that’s the case, then they wouldn’t be writers at all. No. Personally, I find that it’s the idea of starting that’s really hard for me. It’s so easy to just… not start doing something and to put it off for doing something else.

So, whenever you feel the urge to procrastinate, because you’re scared that your work won’t be any good, or that your work isn’t worth the time, then just remember what Nora Roberts said, okay?

“I can fix a bad page. But I can’t fix a blank page.” – Nora Roberts

Keep playing (and writing!)

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