Viktor’s script: coding complete

Okay, I am super happy to announce this, but Vik’s coding is finally complete! 🙂 I literally just finished it a few minutes ago. Hahahaha. It was kinda harder than Vern’s to do, but pretty fun, too! He and Vern have the same number of sprites, though (28) so… they have almost the same pool of expressions. Almost.

All that’s left now is Vonn’s coding and the script is pretty much good to go. I’d still probably do some edits when I beta-test, but at least the main job of coding will soon be out of the way. 😀

Haha, that’s all for updates today! Ah. By the way, I’ll be going home to the province tomorrow, so… I may not be able to write do much at all. It’s sort of an emergency, as I was only informed earlier that I had to go home. *sigh* And since I’m going to be busy there, I don’t think I’ll bring my laptop anymore. Plus, my laptop’s touchscreen recently cracked, so it’s sort of an inconvenience to bring, too. My poor laptop may not be able to handle the long bumpy ride, and I don’t want to risk it getting any more damages as I currently can’t afford to buy a new laptop yet. 😀 I’ll be back by Sunday morning, though, so there’s that.

Anyway, guys, stay tuned for more updates! And as always…

Keep playing!

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