Laptop still not okay

Hi again!

This time, I’m typing from my phone, hoping that this post will be published via 3G, even though it’s super slow. *sigh*

We went to the repair shop yesterday, and apparently, they still aren’t done fixing my laptop. It’s been 11 days. This is probably the longest I’ve ever had to go on without using my laptop. *sigh* I badly miss it. Hahaha.

Classess start in a little less than 3 weeks, and I sure do hope (and expect!) that I can get back my laptop in that time! I still have a lot of things to finish before classes start, after all.

Nevertheless, I do wish I had kept a backup of everything on my laptop. Just so I’d be able to do my work in a computer shop or something. I do make backups every now and then, but I don’t have a backup of the most recent stuff, like the ready-for-release TTWM, or the scripts for my latest projects. Sheesh. I guess I just learned another lesson.

Oh, but anyway, it’s finally 2016! Yay! It’s a whole new set of New Year’s Resolutions for all of us. Hopefully we’ll accomplish everything before 2017 comes around. Hahaha. Let’s all have a wonderful and awesome year, alright?

Happy new year everyone!

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