Laptop issues, quite depressing

Hey everyone!

Me again, posting this from my phone via 3G.

Tomorrow’s the 14th day of not having my laptop around. I can’t believe all my visual novel and academic-related plans went down the drain because of a simple issue.

Ha. I say simple even though I’m seriously worried now. Dad asked for a follow-up on the repair, but we just got some bad news. Apparently, it still won’t power on. I can’t believe it. One moment, I was using it, then I got the battery low notification and it hibernated. The next thing I knew, it wouldn’t turn on anymore, and it wouldn’t even charge. I thought it was just a (delayed) short-circuit due to a recent blackout, but according to the repairman, nothing’s fried. They opened it up, and everything’s supposedly A-OK. What could be the problem?

And now I’m depressed. I’m worried about the contents. Even if I buy a new laptop, it’s futile. Like a good ‘ol person, what makes my laptop valuable to me is not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside. The files. The ideas. The memories.

Like I said in a previous post, I don’t have backups of my most recent files. That includes my visual novel projects, visual novel ideas, school projects, course requirements, random poems and stories, and worse, pictures and videos from a recent trip I took with a couple of friends from high school.

I can’t imagine working so hard on my visual novels and then just losing them like that. Waaaaah! I hope with all my heart that my laptop turns out okay, files and all.

Man. I have something to add to my New Year’s Resolutions, I guess. Keep a backup of every single thing, every single time!

Anyway, sorry for the rant-y post. Hahaha. I’m just feeling really really sad because of this, and… well, writing it out makes me feel a lot better.

I wish you guys are all having an awesome (definitely more than mine) holiday! 💕 And I do pray that my 2016 will be a lot better than this. *sigh*

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Laptop issues, quite depressing

  1. goldengamebarn says:

    That’s rough! If the laptop can’t be saved, at least it’s very easy to get your files off your hard drive. If you get a external enclosure (something like this: you have take your hard drive out and put it into that. Plug the usb into a computer and you’ll see everything that was on your hard drive.

    The main thing you’ll want to do is check what kind of hard drive connection the hard drive has with your laptop. Usually it’s SATA.

    Hope that helps!


    • Ran S. says:

      Oh my, thank you so much for that information! I feel way better now that I know that something can be done about the files, at least. Dad’s thinking of transferring the laptop to another repair shop, if they couldn’t do it maybe, but I might just ask him if we could do this first before the transfer. 😄 Thanks again! 💕

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