Demo for Falling Hearts released!

Hi there everyone!

Just checking in to share the release of the first demo for Falling Hearts, which is a romance visual novel by IaMe Productions.


As some of you may know, this is one of the games that I’m helping out with. I wrote the script for this demo a couple of months back, and I’m pretty excited that it’s finally released! You’ll meet a couple of characters here, including two of the obtainables. Remember, in the full game, there will be around 11 total obtainables, so there’s still a lot more surprises to watch out for! You can view some of the screenshots below.

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You can check it out here on!

Also, for more informtion, you can go to this page.

And to end this shameless plugging, you can also visit the game’s tumblog for updates!

(Posting this from my mobile + 3G, but I hope I linked that right!)

Tell me what you think, okay?

(Edit 1/21/16: Edited this via my old laptop, and added some screenshots!)

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