otome game the thing with mistletoes

Back from my long hiatus!

So after a whole semester and half a year… I’m finally back in the game!

Hooray! I’m actually pretty psyched because this is the longest school break I’ve had in two years. Last year, I took advanced summer classes, so I only had two weeks free before and after the summer session. But this year, my parents advised me not to take advanced classes and just enjoy my break, because this is technically my last “long vacation” before I become a “real adult”. Hahaha. Sounds serious, doesn’t it? Actually, what they mean is that, since I’m already going on an internship next summer and will presumably be already in the workforce the summer after that, I should just take my free two months this years and do whatever I want to do in that time.

Of course, “whatever I want to do” includes visual novels, so… here I am!

I spent the majority of my day working on The Thing With Mistletoes, actually, haha, correcting bugs, rechecking the routes, editing typos, etc. I was super tempted to edit some parts of the story (hello, 15/16-year-old me’s writing!) but I decided not to in order to retain its… uh, original condition. I did edit the really cringey, really awkward parts, though! I couldn’t resist! =)

I also changed the Credits to a scrolling one and incorporated NVL mode in some parts, which was surprisingly easy. You know what was hard? Getting the endings! Like I said, I did all the routes and collected all the endings, good or bad. I didn’t know it was so hard! Gosh. I had to redo the game several times in order to get all the endings. Uh, hello, highschooler Ran, why did you make the endings so hard to get?!

Here are some screenshots!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow, I plan to look over Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve and do the same thing. Recheck all the routes, review the music and art assets, correct bugs, etc. It’s going to be a bit harder, though, because while OUHE’s script is already complete, we still lack a lot of backgrounds and soundtracks for the game. I already have some of the resources on hand, but I still haven’t tested them inside the game itself.

Oh, by the way, my journal– I mean, review blog, hahaha, is starting to get a little more active too! You guys might want to check it out if you’ve got some time [to read rants? Haha, just kidding]!

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