sunofest 2016 otome game

Weekly Updates: 33rd Week

Hello! It’s the 33rd week!

And it’s a really hectic week for me, personal-life-wise, because it’s also my first week back to school.

I’m sure I’ve said it here somewhere before, but last June-July was actually the first time I had taken a real vacation in two years, since I took some advanced classes for summer last year. And, well, I didn’t realize that it would be so hard to adjust to a new schedule again, after two months of vacation! My classes these days are from 7AM-4PM, but on some days I start at 8AM. And heck, if I can give you guys some advice, try NOT to take accounting, economics, laws, and BIOLOGY in the same semester. I don’t know why I realized this so late, but it’s maddening.

Oh, and there’s currently a storm– sorry, a low-pressure area in my country, so… you can bet that this past week has been such a hassle. I actually feel really unproductive because of it!

Looking at some stats though, it… doesn’t seem to be that way, fortunately. 😀

SuNoFest Project

Things are going really great in the art department! Sprites will be finished… probably next week, and the CGs are going to be up next. We still don’t have a logo though, because… we don’t have a title yet. Haha, yes. I don’t know why, but I’m finding it a bit hard to come up with a title for this game. We only have a little less than three weeks though, so hopefully we can come up with a good title soon!

Anyway, take a look at this, hihi. ❤ Our babies are finally fully-clothed!

sunofest 2016 otome game

I’ll introduce them to you really soon, hahaha, once the sprites are complete. 🙂 And once we finally have a title for it!


The game contains 635 dialogue blocks, containing 5,378 words and 28,083
characters, for an average of 8.5 words and 44 characters per block.

The game contains 4 menus, 117 images, and 12 screens.

Onto the writing department! I’m currently in Scene 4, but I’m not yet done. This is going to be pretty short game though, with just around 8 scenes plus two individual routes/endings. One scene is roughly 1000-1500 words, so the final word count will be a little under 15,000, I think. Definitely the shortest one I ever would have written so far. =) I guess it’s because there are only two guys here, and technically just one ending per guy? Yeah, sorry about that everyone. I’ll try to add in bad ends if I finish ahead of time, though. I mean, Munster Academy had like 20,000 words and just 2 guys as well, but they had at least 2 endings per route.

But anyway, at least things are going great so far! Yay!

Other Projects

I don’t have any updates on other projects as of now, sorry. But I’ll be sure to update you guys if something exciting ever comes up!

Thanks for reading, and keep playing everyone!

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