home for the heart sunofest 2016

Weekly Updates: Week 34th

Hi everyone!

It’s time for the Week 34 updates!

Surprisingly, I’ve got… quite some stuff to update this week.

Fool’s Helper

This is that project that I was talking about before, the one where I’m doing one of the routes. I was actually doing one scene per week, as written on the schedule. =) Well, it’s finished, yay! The script is already 100% done. The game’s release will be on a later date, though, because a lot of the other assets (such as the art) isn’t done yet. But the earliest is this November, says the project lead.

You can find more information about it… well, actually there’s no LSF thread for it yet. But I’ll update you guys when the team finally makes on.

SuNoFest 2016: Home for the Heart

Yay, it’s finally got a title! It’s funny, the title actually occurred to me right after I had finished writing last week’s Weekly Updates post. So I just decided to add it for this week’s update.

Another thing… the sprites are finally complete! I super duper love the soft coloring. ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Writing-wise, I’m doing fine. Just… fine. Bleeding a little bit on all corners, but… still fine. Hahaha, kidding-aside, it’s going quite good so far.


The game contains 1,053 dialogue blocks, containing 9,824 words and 51,885
characters, for an average of 9.3 words and 49 characters per block.

The game contains 6 menus, 117 images, and 12 screens.

I’m thinking that… yes, it’s so short that it’s probably gonna be just 15,000 words or something. 😮 Jeez, man. Hahaha. I must’ve really under-outlined this one or something.

We’re already at the individual routes… which brings me to another point.

Personal Life

I’ve been sick since Sunday morning, and based on the symptoms so far, I think this is already the flu. Which sucks, big time, because I missed a whole week’s worth of classes. After reaching 39.3C temperature, I actually went to the doctor last Wednesday, who told me that… yes, it is flu. She gave me some medicine as well as told me to get lots of water and bed rest. The bed rest has done me a lot of good, both physically and also visual novel-wise, because I was able to (sort of) catch up from not writing anything almost the whole week. Jeez, the last few days has been so tiring. I was always fatigued so I just slept a bunch, and I couldn’t write because my eyeballs were in so much pain. Not to mention, I didn’t have a lot of energy because my sore throat prevented me from eating, because it hurt so much. And also, another reason for my drowsiness was my meds… ugh. I’ll be getting off them tomorrow though, so yay!

Now I feel a lot better but… yeah, hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be back in tip-top shape!

Like, pretty please, huhu, I don’t want to miss classes anymore. *sob*

So, that’s it for this week’s update! Stay tuned for next week! ❤

Keep playing everyone! (And remember, prioritize your health above everything else!)

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