Weekly Updates: Week 35

Hello! It’s the 35th week!

I think I just slept pretty much the whole day, hahaha, which proves my slacker status. -___- There hasn’t been much development actually, since I’ve been super busy with school and org work this whole week! So tiring. Recently, I’ve been getting just around three sleep hours every night. That’s why, when weekend came around, I couldn’t help but take back all the missing sleep hours!

Writing-wise, the script is finally complete! ❤ Haven’t edited or looked over it yet, though. Plus, I still gotta do some more coding, but story-wise, it’s done. Here’s the semi-final stats.


The game contains 2,789 dialogue blocks, containing 21,474 words and 112,495
characters, for an average of 7.7 words and 40 characters per block.

The game contains 5 menus, 117 images, and 12 screens.

Art-wise, everything’s going well! The GUI creation is already well underway. Plus, the CGs are already taking shape!

sunofes 2016 home for the heart cg sketches2sunofes 2016 home for the heart cg sketches1


Well, with three days to go before the deadline of SuNoFes… I’m just… super-duper excited, and pretty nervous as well!

Stay tuned everyone! Haha, and as always, keep playing! ❤


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