Home for the Heart: (almost) ready!

Hello! ❤

Not a (late) weekly update this time, thankfully!

Just want to post a little screenshot of the game so far. 😀

home for the heart sunofes 2016

Oh, and… today’s the day that I’m officially past the minimum legal age! Hahaha. How fast time flies, huh? =) I had a pretty awesome day today, thanks to my family, friends, and ahem, special someone? Hahaha!

The SuNoFes officially ends this Friday! Aaaah, so excited~

The coding is still making me go nuts, however, so… I think I’ll just released this even though the codes aren’t finalized yet. :/ I just don’t want to miss the deadline for this one. HAHAHA.

Oh well, we’ll see.

Stay tuned and keep playing everyone!

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