once upon a hallow's eve

Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve – released!

Hi everyone!

After two years from the initial development stage… Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve is finally released, yay!

You guys don’t know how happy I am that we’ve finally managed to share this with you guys, and I’m really grateful to everyone who has shown their support for the project along the way.

To tell the truth, we (I and the artist, Eru– she’s awesome; you can check out her online portfolio here) were supposed to release this in 2014, but we weren’t able to finish it due to unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes life simply gets in the way, and we all just have to take it with a smile. We did aim for a 2015 release, but we completely missed it, even though the game was already technically finished by that time. It was still pretty supbar and not release-ready, so we took a little time polishing it up after we missed our deadline for the second time.

And finally, here you go! It’s the finished product, two years later. Granted, there are still a few things it could definitely be improved on in the two years, but we are glad we’ve come this far. We’ve learned a lot in the development of this project, both in terms of visual novel creation and ourselves, so there’s certainly a lot to be thankful for.

Hope you guys try out our little game! You can download it on itch.io. Don’t forget to leave your comments! We’d certainly love to hear your thoughts!

Have a fun and spooky Halloween!

One thought on “Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve – released!

  1. Now, Lets talk says:

    It was adorable, honestly. I want to find out about the other endings but I don’t know how to get them. Some parts seemed a bit cliche to me but I couldn’t help but smile so maybe cliche is good here. I like both writing and programming, too, so it’s nice to see others taking interest in the same things and actually succeeding in it. Congrats!

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