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Mistletoes and Final Exams

Good evening everyone!

First off, development on The Thing With Mistletoes is once again underway! Wait, you may ask, I thought it was already complete? Well, technically it already is, but as with everything, there is still so much room to improve. The very kind and lovely Godline has offered to help me with a few things, and I couldn’t be more thankful. Right now, she’s getting some CGs ready for Mistletoes’ release in a few weeks. I’m really quite excited!

Here’s a CG sketch that she has sent me. Can you guess who these are?

the thing with mistletoes visual novel jake lumina

The second thing I wanna say is that… this semester is finally ending in like three days. Yup, three days. How awesome is that? To be honest, I’m really so excited to just… finally get a break from schoolwork. I had law, accounting, and economics this sem, and my goodness, I definitely need a breather! I’m taking up another accounting class next semester, but hey, I’m just happy I’m done with all my economics subjects. Yay! Anyway, I’m planning to catch up on a lot of VN stuff this Christmas break. I actually have a long list of visual novels to read and review (which you can check out on my blog here) and I’m also involved in a couple of visual novel developments… which I’m going to slowly reveal over the next few posts, hehe.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I actually had my accounting exam earlier, and… oh man. Just… oh man. Tomorrow, I’m taking my law exam, and on the next day, my economics exam. I’m shaking just thinking about it, huhu. But hey, after this Friday… I’m a free kid. And I won’t have classes until the 6th of January. Hooray for freedom!

I’m so excited. Hopefully I’ll make considerable progress on all my projects this Christmas break. And of course, I’ll update this blog as often as I can, to keep myself in check, and to keep you guys updated too. 🙂

Keep playing everyone~

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