Fool’s Helper: Android Port

Oh hey again, everyone! Surprised to see me back so soon? Haha.

I forgot to inform you guys that Fool’s Helper, the game I co-wrote with Jen of Something Ventured Games a few months back, finally has an Android port now, too. Just like Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve, it’s also published under Visual Wordplay and sponsored by Godline.

You can download it on the Google Playstore for free. Yay! Now you can help some fools straight out from your pocket, haha. Hope you enjoy playing it!

Oh, and by the way, Jen was so happy that the game reached 1,500 downloads that she decided to draw some cute poses for the characters! Here’s Lee, looking as cocky as ever. (Though of course, once you play the game, you’ll know how he rea-Lee is. Hehe.)

fool's helper lee visual novel

For more cute drawings and also game updates from Jen, you can check out her tumblr blog, right here.

Again, thank you so much for the support everyone, and keep playing!

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