OUHE and TTWM on Steam Greenlight!

Hi there everyone! How’s your holidays coming along?

Right now I’m actually busy with some projects (which I’ll be revealing in the next few weeks, perhaps) but of course, I still haven’t forgotten my baby that’s due to be released on Christmas Eve!

I sure am excited, haha. What’s more, Godline from Visual Wordplay has decided to sponsor both OUHE and TTWM on Steam Greenlight! Talk about cool, guys.

As a Steam user myself, I know just how toxic that community may be, hehe, so even though I’m really happy, I honestly feel a bit queasy about it, too. Still, if you want to support me (awwww), you can vote for the otome pack on Steam Greenlight. I’d really, really appreciate it!


Anyway, they’re both available on itch.io, if you want that option instead. OUHE here and TTWM (soon) here. You can also download them on Android for free! Click this link for Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve and this one for the The Thing With Mistletoes.

Whew. That’s a lot of links. Sorry!

Hope you guys are having an awesome holiday season! Ho-ho-ho!

EDIT: Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve has been greenlit! You can download the game on Steam here!

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