Two commercial projects + one free

Hey there everyone! 

I’m happy to announce that 2017 will be quite a busy year for visual novel projects.

I’m currently working on two big commercial projects for two different teams, which is pretty exciting if you ask me! One of them is already well underway while we have yet to begin on the other one. I really can’t wait to share them with you guys,  but I gotta keep mum for now.

I’m also helping out Godline with her project, The Sibling Experiment. I’m glad to say that the script is almost ready! It will be available for free on Steam and, so be sure to grab a copy when it comes out. 😊

Anyway, I’m also planning to work independently on a really short project that I hope to release this February 2017. I recently moved to a new place so I still haven’t settled completely,  but hopefully once I get my sched all sorted out,  I’ll be able to squeeze in some time to write a scene or two a day for Fate’s Cafe – that’s the working title I have for the project. 

I really love busying myself by doing things I love! If there’s one thing I dislike on any given day, it’s sitting around bored without anything to do. 

What about you?  Any dev projects that you hope to finish or restart?  Feel free to share your progress down below! 

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