Kachuna Demo: Done!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say that the Kachuna demo is now complete! 🙂 It’s still undergoing beta-testing though, so we may have to make some necessary changes depending on the feedback we receive. But I’m really glad to share this awesome news with you!

kachuna tamaya kagiya visual novel bishoujo

Fun fact: It took us about two months to prepare everything for this demo. It has around 60,000 words, 7 sprites with 3 different poses each, 30+ backgrounds, 5 CGs, and 30+ original soundtracks.

The whole game is estimated to be 200,000-250,000 words, so this demo is mainly just to set the story and also get to know the characters more before settling into their individual routes, which tackle their different issues. Kachuna is mainly a slice-of-life dating sim, so it focuses more on character interaction and relationship development than anything else. I hope fans of this genre will enjoy spending time with the individual characters, as we’ve tried our best to make them all as interesting as possible. 🙂

But yeah, I’m really excited to finish the final version of the demo, and more so the actual game! I really hope you guys will support us in this new project!

Thank you so much, and keep playing everyone!

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