Kachuna Coding Update – 57% of the way there!

Hi everyone!

So I guess it’s time for some Kachuna updates!

As of today, the coded scripts for the common route, the choice route, Tsumiki’s route, and Shiro’s route are already complete. There are three more routes left, namely Megumi’s, Ai’s, and Yui’s. I actually love seeing sprites in visual novels change expressions often so I’m taking my sweet time with these. I mean, seriously. Don’t you hate it when a sprite only moves like once in every ten lines?! I like seeing them look alive, which is why I always do blinking sprites and make sure to change the expressions or poses as much as I can.

Fun fact: it took me 16 straight hours (only took short breaks for brunch, dinner, and bath in between) to code Shiro’s route, but 10 days to code Tsumiki’s route. I don’t know why I had so much trouble in her route! Then again, by the time I finished her route, I already knew all the shortcuts and nifty tricks in order to make the job a littl bit easier. Also, while I was doing Tsumiki’s route, I had to rewrite a couple of common route scenes (which will also be used in the other routes) and that also took a nice amount of time. And lastly, I was going to school almost every day while doing Tsumiki’s route. 😂 I sure as heck didn’t have 16 hours to burn through in one (almost) sitting.

That’s about it for today. I’m seriously hoping I can finish the next three routes in the next three days! I’m super duper excited for this game, guys, but also a little scared. I’m so scared that I almost don’t want anyone to play it, hahaha, but at the same time I want to share it with everyone. Ugh, I’m weird, aren’t I?

Keep playing everyone! ❤️ I’ll talk to you again in the next update!

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