New project, weekly update

Hi everyone!

I’m actually pretty happy about this blog update. I didn’t have any classes (except for one single 3 hour class) for about 5 straight days due to May 1 being a public holiday. That means, I got to work on a lot of stuff!

  • Selfish
    • Last 6 scenes to go! The rough draft is still pretty rough, but I’m actually glad that we’re making some progress here. I talked to the project head recently regarding the choices in-game. As of now, the story is pretty linear, but we’re going to incorporate around 8 choices per route that will lead to either a good ending or a bad ending. There’s no in-between in the Selfish universe! (Just kidding.)
  • Changeling
    • I’m about 9,000 lines into the script, which is more than 3/4 of way there. Once I finish (which will be about 12,000 lines) I’ll re-test the whole game for bugs and coding errors. Hope there won’t be much to fix! Oh, and if you want to follow this game for more updates, you can check out Steamberry Studio’s blog or Twitter account!
  • Enchanted
    • Ah, this is one that I’m super excited about! Remember the unannounced otome game that I mentioned in last week’s update? Well, we’ve finally announced it! Get ready for Enchanted: A Wish of the Heart, a fantasy, comedy, romance otome visual novel about a girl named Amethyst who comes across a strange jewel that may or may not have some magic powers. I’ve joined the team as the writer, coder, as well as the social media manager (wow, what a title! But this just means I’ll be in charge of posting on and updating the social media accounts of the team hehe), so I guess it’s obvious why I’m so excited. Anyway, if you want to check it out and perhaps follow for more progress updates, you can visit Teacup Fox’s website or Twitter account!

Another thing that I’m super excited about is the new update to my blog! I’ve done a major rehaul of the theme and I’m really loving it so far! Well, actually, after setting up Teacup Fox’s website, I kind of thought about cleaning up my own blog since it’s been quite messy these last few… months? Years? I don’t remember when I last did a theme rehaul.

I’m really happy about this change though! Hopefully, when I get enough money, I can finally get a self-hosted WordPress site (it’s so expensive to keep a self-hosted WP blog huhu) as it’s part of my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions. But hey, it’s only the second day of May and I still have almost seven months to save money. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed for that one!

Anyway, that’s it for this week’s updates. See you again in next week!

And as always, don’t forget to keep playing, everyone!

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