Project wrap-up, new updates

Hey everyone,

So, I missed this week’s progress update due to some more irl stuff (I guess I’ve come to accept that as long as game dev is not my full time work, this will always be a part of my blog updates, ha), but nevertheless, I’m back for some development sneak-peeks!

  • Changeling – I’ve finished coding the last route! I’m still waiting for one last sprite that I need to code in, though. Anyways, things are looking really good. Even though my role in this project is just pretty minor, I’m nevertheless excited for the release. I personally found the story very charming and absolutely intriguing, so I can’t wait for you guys to try it out yourselves, too!
  • Selfish – Still on Leon’s route! I might have to revisit some of the earlier scenes too, just for some improvements.
  • Enchanted – I’m at ten out of 25 of the planned common route scenes. At this rate, I’ll probably finish everything in 3 weeks, but I’m actually hoping to finish the common route it before May ends. My undergraduate classes end next week, so I’ll actually be free for the rest of May! Here’s to praying that no other things come up that will delay the progress.

As for other updates… well, as I said, my last day of classes (for my whole undergraduate college life) will be next week! I’m super excited to move on from this stage of my life and move on to the next one. I haven’t applied to any jobs yet, though. I consulted with my parents and some people in school and I’ve decided to take some time off first, at least for a couple of months. I’ve had a really stressful (but super fun) four years in college so I’ll be using this time to rest, relax, and work on my passion first (hello there, blogs and visual novels) before I work in an industry related to my degree (which has nothing to do with writing or game development at all). I’m also going to use this time to think more clearly about my path for the future.

(Speaking of the future, if you guys know any openings for writing or coding jobs, especially ones that will only start next month or July, please do give me a message! I’d highly, highly appreciate it. I’m looking for something to fill my time while I’m not yet working full-time.)

Anyway, that’s about it for this update! Thanks for reading, and please check back next time for more!

Remember to keep playing, everyone~

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