Home for the Heart – released!

Hi everyone! Okay, so... I've got some pretty awesome news! Home for the Heart, our entry for SuNoFes 2016, has finally been released! Yay! It's only the 0.9 version though because there are still a few more things that need to be tweaked. However, we really want to make it to the SuNoFes deadline, so, here … Continue reading Home for the Heart – released!


Home for the Heart: (almost) ready!

Hello! ❤ Not a (late) weekly update this time, thankfully! Just want to post a little screenshot of the game so far. 😀 Oh, and... today's the day that I'm officially past the minimum legal age! Hahaha. How fast time flies, huh? =) I had a pretty awesome day today, thanks to my family, friends, … Continue reading Home for the Heart: (almost) ready!