Demo for Falling Hearts released!

Hi there everyone! Just checking in to share the release of the first demo for Falling Hearts, which is a romance visual novel by IaMe Productions. As some of you may know, this is one of the games that I'm helping out with. I wrote the script for this demo a couple of months back, … Continue reading Demo for Falling Hearts released!

once upon a hallow's eve

A Much Needed Update

Like the title says, this is a much needed update for this blog! Hello everyone, I'm Ran, nice to meet you all. Hahaha. I haven't updated this blog (and my other blogs, as well) in so long, and for that I greatly apologize. Two things: One, my projects are still ongoing (yes, all of them), … Continue reading A Much Needed Update


Good morning everyone!It's a really good morning for me, haha, since I've been commissioned to do the writing for an otome game entitled Falling Hearts. It's a slice-of-life romance game, and as you know, that is certainly within my niche.The characters and the foundations have been laid out by the producer, IaMe, and I'm really excited … Continue reading Commissioned