Word count update~

Hey everyone~A lot of stuff has come up these past 2 days, so I haven't had much time for writing, haha, however, I did my best to at least write some words today.Let's start with Falling Hearts first, since that's my main focus as of now~Statistics:The game contains 1,279 dialogue blocks, containing 10,368 words and … Continue reading Word count update~

2nd highest word count of the day!

First of all, I wanna say that I am so psyched with all my writing duties this week. <3Second, Philosophy class gives out pretty boring readings and it's sort of sleep-worthy to study the whole Asian map for History class. There. I said it. T____TThird... I am really happy with how productive I was today~Statistics:The … Continue reading 2nd highest word count of the day!


Good morning everyone!It's a really good morning for me, haha, since I've been commissioned to do the writing for an otome game entitled Falling Hearts. It's a slice-of-life romance game, and as you know, that is certainly within my niche.The characters and the foundations have been laid out by the producer, IaMe, and I'm really excited … Continue reading Commissioned

A secret project?!

You read that right, haha, I have a secret project right now. Hahahaha. Well, not really super secret, but... since it has no art yet and everything, I plan to keep it "secret" for now. I have to say that it concerns a conceited girl, a scary mansion, and three lovable boys though, so... you should know where this is going. Oh, speaking of this project, I just met the nicest composer ever! =) He'll be doing all the music for this secret project of mine.